Neutral Riddle Masters:
They have solved level 70

# Name date (gmt-4) sex/age Location Flag Comment bonus
1 BiTnick 06.10.06 15:48h m/18 Italy Great riddle! This is the first time I'm 1st!
2 fishbone 06.10.06 16:02h m/27 Italy great riddle :) and great evil end :P
3 Aurelius 06.10.06 16:19h m/21 Florence, Italy Thank you for creating this nice riddle. I had a very nice time trying to solve it
4 Springer 06.10.06 16:20h f/53 Isle of Wight, UK GREAT riddle, loved every level, pure genius.
5 Kisa 06.10.06 16:37h f/26 Germany Finally!
6 Orio 07.10.06 04:21h m/15 Israel I hope it's not the end...
7 Jonas 07.10.06 16:33h m/22 Västerås, Sweden One of the best online riddles ever made! Tnx to all people that have helped me, especially Springer and Weeman.
8 Drakun 09.10.06 14:02h m/16 Wroclaw, Poland it's hard to be neutral to this riddle ;)
9 Zagee 09.10.06 15:18h m/25 Warsaw, Poland "Fame is morally neutral" - Edward R. Murrow
10 anibana 10.10.06 02:43h m/29 Pune, India Great riddle, good that you dont force to google too much, disappointed by a couple of levels
11 Wayfarer 12.10.06 17:51h m/?? Bedfordshire, England It's been really good Diego I mean of the best riddles around. Many congratulations and hope you return after a rest
12 rahul_del_2006 17.10.06 04:48h m/25 Faridabad, India Was a very captivating riddle..few rounds very very interesting. Great Work!!
13 yana209 18.10.06 02:56h m/22 Lahore, Pakistan A good solution for my lazy office hours...very very intelligent riddle
14 ratna 18.10.06 08:16h f/?? India Riddle was really great. i call it as a "haunting riddle"
15 Karan


18.10.06 17:19h m/19 Delhi, India Sometimes too hard, fun to solve, feels good once you get a tough. Special thanks to Kisa.
16 ajay_rocks 19.10.06 07:57h m/24 Delhi, India This riddle is more to test ur patiece and determination than IQ. Waiting for that door to open again.
17 The Storm 20.10.06 08:26h m/19 Brisbane, Australia Yay i'm the first Aussie! Great riddle! Loved it. It was good that there wasnt as much google searching as some of the others. Please come back soon and make some more levels :)
18 Sandeep 23.10.06 09:24h m/24 Bangalore, India Best online riddle ever! Thanks to all those who helped me during my tough times and also thanks to Diego for the making.
19 mountcleverest 23.10.06 10:40h m/23 New Delhi, India Fantabulous! superb journey from start to end...
20 Jalanbond 23.10.06 12:30h m/22 Bangalore, India Loved the riddle. Though took months to solve it but was completely hooked on it.
21 Ratesh 24.10.06 09:05h m/26 Delhi, India I hope its not the end and the riddles have less levels that involves music files.
22 progheal 25.10.06 05:48h m/19 Kaohsiung, Taiwan I found this riddle from orios' forum, so probably i'm the first few Taiwan people here :P
Some of the levels are just very evil, but more evil the level is, more sense of accomplishment we'll have after solved it :D
A very cool riddle!
23 vishal r 29.10.06 11:33h m/17 Mumbai, India This is just amazin riddle hav no words to say about it. First of all i wud like to thank diego for creating this wonderful riddle and would also like to thank other peoples like murli,punit, asshad,sandeep,jalan and the most to yasir ali.It made me know about many different types of decryptive languages and made my mind more creative.
24 ashhad 01.11.06 09:56h m/14 Pakistan Yippee!!!Em the youngest one yet to solve the riddle :P. Thnx to all those who helped me through out the riddle..especially to Sandeep!!
25 Karan C 01.11.06 10:49h m/17 Mumbai, India I must agree , this is the best riddle i have played ,too addictive. on my accomplishment i would like to thank Vishal r(Yes the one above me),Ashaad and atlast thanks to diego for this creation!!!!!
26 khurram ali 02.11.06 13:40h m/23 Multan, Pakistan awesome riddle and a good one something like DO OR DIE :D
hey Diego i didnt like the riddle at all but infact i LOVED it :D
thnx to my dear bro ashhad without whom i wouldnt have been here and look he is on the top list than me. well also like to thnk sandeep,rahul,shamik (my buddy) and all who helped me out.
27 ash28kumar 04.11.06 06:49h m/17 Chennai, India neutral riddle increased my knowledge....but some levels were very difficult...hope it is just a temp end....thanx to orio,diego and all who helped me...
28 nahidas 10.11.06 16:58h f/29 Bombay, India Really enjoyed doing this riddle....a great refuge for the insomniacs and got to learn so many new things during the process...frankly diego, sometimes felt like strangling u...but then, had a blast solving the riddle
29 saurabh khetan 10.11.06 17:10h m/22 Pune, India A very gr8 riddle. Loved solving it and made few frnd on the way helping each othr. really helped me explore my exploring skills.
30 Cuthbert 17.11.06 17:42h m/29 Italy Great riddle! I finished it whitout any help...i am very proud of myself!
31 Shenmue 23.11.06 15:14h m/18 Kalmar, Sweden Great riddle. I liked the fact that it didn't have many music levels. Music levels = horror in its most pure form. Thanks Diego and especially Kisa for helping me on some of the harder levels. Thanks a lot.
32 nipson 25.11.06 04:05h m/26 Mumbai, India It was a great fun playing neutral riddle from last few months. It has got its unique flavour compared to other riddles.
33 Wee Man ô¿ô 27.11.06 21:14h m/42 Glasgow, Scotland Yer an evil man, and I must be a massochist, because I really enjoyed your riddle. Some excellent and original levels. Top work
34 fedeh 29.11.06 17:43h m/35 Buenos Aires, Argentina El mejor riddle que jugué hasta ahora!!!!
35 npfan 03.12.06 14:13h m/13 Hong Kong, China Really nice riddle! Great job on it...
36 Mayank Prasad 06.12.06 15:30h m/23 Bangalore, India really nice riddle. no puzzle ever frustrated me as it did, but after every level when u get the answer u feel like u have won a battle. gr8 work diego. and it gave me some good (net) friends also. keep on doing good work diego...waiting for some more from u. thanks a lot.
37 Prashant Gupta 06.12.06 15:33h m/23 New Delhi, India finally i completed it, this is the best riddle i have ever played too addictive. Thanks to all those who helped me but my spl thanx to khurram ali and nahidas without whom i wouldnt have been here and also thanks to diego for his superb creation!!!!!
38 ilu2112 25.12.06 07:54h m/15 Bełchatow, Poland Good job Diego! Very good Riddle!
39 KomarS

25.12.06 09:54h m/16

Poland < !-- It was a long and bumpy way but... I've made it. Thanks for everybody! Great Riddle - I want mooore-->

That was great riddle. Thanks for it! Hej! Znam Ciê ! Wiem gdzie mieszkasz !;p
40 eyesofblue227 27.12.06 13:45h f/22 Nashville, Tennessee, United States Thanks again dude! Awesome riddle! Either keep going with this one, or make another if you're not too burned out!!!! Hugs!!!!
41 Ioanke 27.12.06 20:53h m/47 Netherlands Great Riddle!
42 Tynka 01.01.07 16:39h f/44 Warsaw, Poland Great Riddle! Thanks for 'Neutral' and i'm waiting for 'Neutral II' +B
43 Bacchus 02.01.07 09:22h m/26 Kolkata, India I thoroughly enjoyed the fun and hard time i had solving this awesome riddle which at all the times pushed my greycells to their limits. Thx to weeman for all the hints without which i might nt ve made it and to u diego for making this amazing riddle.
44 NTheBushes

25.01.07 15:33h f/51

Everett, WA USA

Little River, SC USA
Very cool! Very frustrating!

Fun but frustrating at times
45 dubyaman 02.02.07 13:53h m/35 Bangalore, India What attracted me to this great riddle are the visual aspects of the levels. I thank all those who helped me in tough breaks with subtle clues. Expect more riddles like this from you in future.
46 mgrockin 02.02.07 14:53h m/26 Mumbai, India My first Online Riddle. I liked it really very much...Thanks to each n every one of u who helped me in each n every level in the way u chose best. tx a lot. The biggest tx although should go to Diego...for having created such a wonderful riddle. Spun the web properly.
47 FunnyTummy 06.02.07 18:48h f/25 Meulaboh, Indonesia You created lots of great levels especially 41 and made me asked to lots of people...but I hated 68...
48 rdavio1 06.03.07 12:57h m/26 Nebraska, USA wow, that was a great riddle...70 was definitely my favorite
49 Tanu 07.03.07 04:28h f/28 Jaipur, India It was absolute fun and i really enjoyed playing this. Hope you would have another one sometime soon !!
50 Marina 07.03.07 17:00h f/27 Israel Great Riddle
51 SoulCruiser 08.03.07 11:54h m/42 Tampere, Finland A superb riddle! Most levels were just ingenious! It's very sad if we won't get any more levels...
52 yuvaltor 08.03.07 13:32h m/28 Haifa, Israel Long Journey, Worth Every Second
53 aarchi 12.03.07 04:05h f/28 Mumbai, India It was a very intresting riddle.... I enjoyed solving this.... pepole in the forum were very help full.... just don't like the parts, where ihad to deal with musical files.... thanku very much for this knowledgious riddle Diego... & also very thankfull of Laavanya & Dibyendu for there help...
54 peiz 18.04.07 09:34h m/23 Taipei, Taiwan Great riddle. Thanks to all those who helped me.
55 alleaffar 22.05.07 09:47h f/46 Milano, Italy Really good game Diego!!!! Thanks a lot
56 Ankur Khandelwal 04.06.07 02:01h m/26 Pune, India Amazing Riddle,level 70 was long but awesome.Thanks to all who helped me during this GREAT journey.



15.08.07 09:56h m/57

Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA It was a great challenge. Some of the levels were scary hard! I have also enjoyed helping others. Many have needed help with Level 41! Also thanks to Yulvator and Hamroll for hints near the end. I'm now looking for Level B +B +A
58 hamroll 15.08.07 18:14h m/31 Sydney, Australia This riddle was in my opinion the best I have done so far, better than Zest, P4X, and Enigma Puzzle. The only problem is that is has ended....or has it?
59 Nytris Oxyde 05.09.07 13:59h m/19 New Jersey, USA Thanks for a nice riddle with some good level ideas. May Neutral Riddle stand tall among other riddles.
60 HT 11.09.07 14:14h m/21 Mysore, India 70 levels of pure fun +B
61 Kenobi 25.09.07 09:42h m/34 Ghent, Belgium What a challenging and addictive riddle! Special thanks to Kmon for giving me a push when needed!!
62 eithedog 27.09.07 21:11h m/23 Poland We can’t stop here, this is a bat country
63 Premi 16.10.07 11:39h m/34 India WOW! Finally out of the scary jungle!!! This riddle took me on a very addictive journey…enjoyed riding it. Thanks Diego for this amazing riddle. And, thanks to Kmon for all the help near the end. +B
64 cimopher 13.11.07 02:05h m/15 Taipei, Taiwan Really fantastic job diego! Your brilliant and humorous mind kept this riddle addictive till the end. Thanks to Kmon (for help on the last levels), renovirtony, wuhoward, czj67890(classmates), and everybody from CK6226.
65 bna 14.12.07 03:12h m/45 San Francisco, USA Thank you for the excellent riddle. I really enjoyed it! +B
66 P47ri(k 17.12.07 23:45h m/47 San Diego, USA Thanks for an awesome set of riddles! I really enjoyed these!
67 deathscythe 14.01.08 04:57h m/23 Philippines Great riddle! My favorites are 28, 41, 45, 48, 69 and 70. 70 is just pure evil. But that was my favorite!



15.01.08 18:34h



Denver, USA At first NR was easy and we were a bit disappointed, but then Diego let his full creative genius loose on us and it took both of us and our daughter (senior in law school) working together! We have had a great time and wish there was more. Thanks to our fellow puzzlers for the help! +B
69 goldfish 18.01.08 07:51h f/23 New Delhi, India The level was superb but was miserable without no hints on the final levels... I found it tougher than Orios riddle +B
70 dividby0 18.01.08 07:51h m/23 Chandigarh, India The most awesome levels of all. Without the hints it was even more intersting and kept me roped in. Plus i got to talk to so many other riddlers. Thanks and hats off to you for the effort. +B
71 Z-Particle 27.01.08 02:29h m/18 Calcutta, India This is the best thing i've ever done. my friends say i'm really intelligent, have a high iq, and all sorts of stuff, but hey, this riddle pushed me to the limits. thanks to you for such an AWESOME, INSANE riddle!!! moving on to the bonus level now...can't seem to find it anywhere though +B



12.02.08 10:52h f/16

Chennai, India Thank you z-particle dudish!!and Kmon!! Looking forward to neutral riddle 2. Ha ha, for all the losers who are reading this and havent finished it yet. +B
73 Alexey Melnikov aka "SnowMen" 22.02.08 02:29h m/19 Moscow, Russia Very excellent riddle. I felt fantastically good to solve this riddle. It took me about 2,5 month but I'm happy!! +B +A
74 mrdronru 11.04.08 02:29h m/41 Moscow, Russia Diego! It was fantastic trip! In the beginning I think it is a five-finger exercise, but after level 65 I changed my opinion. After all I must say your riddel is fun and fair. Huts off!
75 preslavka 13.04.08 08:05h f/30 Bulgaria Excellent Riddle
76 Sarlula 21.06.08 07:03h m/17 Israel It was awsome! A lot of fun! Waiting for other levels. +A
77 Yttrio 11.10.08 22:43h m/21 Ames, Iowa, United States All I can say is WOW. This riddle has been a blast to solve, albeit frustrating at times. Special thanks to Kmon for his help from level 65 onward. +B
78 Arecek 26.10.09 15:14h m/19 Poland Finally :)